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Currency In Monaco

Monaco residency approval procedure

Once the residency job interview is done, the approval procedure will take around 2 months for owners of EU passports. For non EU passport owners, you should first get a French Long-term stay visa type D, which gives you the ability to obtain Monaco residency in Monaco. This French long-term stay visa should be obtained in the French Embassy/Consul in your country of residence. It will take between 1-4 months to receive, subject to the embassy guidelines in your country of residence. Only when this visa has been authorized and stamped in your passport can the next phase, the Monaco residency interview happen. Once you've got this visa and have had the interview in Monaco, the approval procedure for your Monaco Residency will take approximately 2-3 weeks.In each case, you may stay in Monaco throughout the acceptance procedure, and for non EU passport owners, as soon as the French Long-term visa type D has actually been given. (This is a very special visa, it is not the Schengen/multiple entry/long term visit visa, it is particularly for applying for residency).We keep track of the residency approval procedure and will notify you of when your residency card has been authorized and provided for collection.

Tax status for Monaco citizens

Overview of tax status for Monaco Citizens for properties located in Monaco. (Assets outside of Monaco could be subject to taxes in the country where they're situated according to each country's tax laws).


Monaco Residency application assistance

WWW Relocation Monaco can help with the full Monaco Residency application process, together with the property search for either rental or purchase, banking and the official residency application form and paperwork/translation requirements.In case you would like to discuss this further, kindly call us and we will be pleased to assist. [nbsp] The Charges for this one stop service are subject to individual requirements and we will be happy to provide a quote based upon your predicament and requirements.

If you are looking for help with a move to Monaco, Relocation Monaco can access a community of English speaking specialists in Monaco among them banks, solicitors, accountants, doctors, as well as with the International School of Monaco. The website is regularly updated with specfic infomation which includeliving in monaco as well as considerably more general information that might be great for anyone contemplating relocating to Monaco.